Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Drilling Fluids Laboratory

Rock and Fluid Properties Laboratory

Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory

Formation Water Analysis Laboratory

Reservoir Simulation Laboratory

Geophysical Engineering

Applied Geophysics Laboratory

Seismology Laboratory

Data Processing Laboratory

Paleomagnetism Laboratory

Geological Engineering

Optical Mineralogy Laboratory

Rock Mechanics Laboratory

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

Gemology Laboratory

Spectral Analysis Laboratory

Ore Deposits Laboratory

Paleontology Laboratory

X-ray Laboratory

Mining Engineering

Excavation Technology and Mining Machinery Laboratory

Micro-Tunnel Boring and Drilling Techniques Laboratory

Sample Preparation and Rock Cutting Laboratory 

Rock Mechanics and Natural Building Stone Laboratory 

Aggregates Laboratory 

Mine Ventilation and Safety Laboratory 

Computer Aided Mining Planning Laboratory

Mineral Processing Engineering

Pilot Plant

Surface Chemistry Laboratory

Flotation Laboratory

Magnetic Separation Laboratory

Solution Chemistry Laboratory

Coal Technology Laboratory

Sample Preparation Laboratory

Particle Mechanics Laboratory

Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Rheology Laboratory

Clay Characterization Laboratory