Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kumral

The Mining Faculty has been graduating highly qualified engineers on the mining, petroleum and natural gas, and earth sciences areas for over half a century. ITU Mining Faculty is the first and the only Institution in Turkey which encompasses Mining Engineering, Geological Engineering, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Geophysical Engineering, and Mineral Processing Engineering Departments under the same roof. All the departments of our faculty are highly specialized in their areas and well-known in the scientific world with their national and international projects and publications.

Our primary goal is to teach to our students how to discover the secrets of the earth and how to exploit the natural sources for a better future while protecting the environment. We all know that we can not maintain a sustainable development without respecting the nature. Yet, we expect our graduates to reach to the different areas of Turkey and of the world and use their knowledge to supply human kind with necessary natural sources and different forms of energy.

At its 69th year, the Mining Faculty is more prosperous than ever with its students, academic people, alumni, and faculty staff. Let’s keep this creative, scientific, and productive atmosphere of the Mining Faculty today and carry the knowledge and our traditions to the future.