İ.T.Ü Faculty of Mines, Rules of Graduation Thesis

This rules are determined considering structure and properties of the departments of our faculty and according to the 5th article of "Senate Guidelines Concerning Acceptance, Delivery and Exam of Graduation Study" during 52nd meeting of faculty board dated 18.03.1998.

  • In the departments of our faculty, determination of thesis subjects can be done at 6th semester of student with approval of advisor of the student.

  • The subject of the thesis must have the quality of covering most of the education program of the department. Special case studies not having relation with the major fields of the department shouldn't be chosen as the subject of the graduation thesis.

  • Thesis Works can be carried out in fields, work sites, pilot-scale plants and laboratories.

  • In one subject determination semester, an academic member can be volunteer to manage three thesis at most. However, in necessary situations, this number can be increased with decission of the department board.

  • The thesis can be submitted in four copies according to the related format before the announced deadline.

  • Graduation study exam is executed by the commissions of academic members from each field departments who are determined by the advisor and department board. However, the number of academic members cannot be lower than three.

  • With approval of the department board, an interdepartmental subject for the thesis can be selected.

  • Concerning any issues not clarified in the rules above, "Senate Guidelines Concerning Acceptance, Delivery and Exam of Graduation Study" is applied.

  • These rules are valid after 18.03.1998.