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Vice Dean
Assoc. Prof. Hakan TUNÇDEMİR
Student Affairs and Counselling

Öznur Altun,  

Dean's Office, Faculty of Mines

Phone: (0 212) 285 60 71

Responsible People in Departments

Assoc. Prof. Hakan TUÇDEMİR (Coordinator)

Department of Mining Engineering

Prof. Cemal BALCI (Co-head of Department)

Assoc. Prof. Türker HÜDAVERDİ (Internship)

Prof. Hasan ERGİN (Erasmus)

Assoc. Prof. Türker HÜDAVERDİ (Minor and Double Major Program)

Department of Geological Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Emin ÇİFTÇİ (Co-head of Department)

Asst. Prof. Gürsel SUNAL (Internship)

Asst. Prof. Vural YAVUZ (Erasmus)

Assoc. Prof. Nurgül ÇELİK BALCI (Minor and Double Major Program)

Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering 

Assoc. Prof. Ömer İnanç TÜREYEN (Co-head of Department)

Asst. Prof. E. Didem KKORKMAZ BAŞEL(Internship)

Asst. Prof. Gürşat ALTUN (Erasmus)

Asst. Prof. Şenol YAMANLAR (Minor and Double Major Program)

Department of Geophysical Engineering

Asst. Prof. Doğa DÜŞÜNÜR DOĞAN  (Co-head of Department)

Asst. Prof. Tuna EKEN (Intership)

Prof. Tuncay TAYMAZ (Erasmus)

Assoc. Prof. Neslihan OCAKOĞLU GÖKAŞAN (Minor and Double Major Program)

Department of Mineral Processing Engineering 

Asst. Prof. Fırat KARAKAŞ (Co-head of Department)

Assoc. Prof. Olgaç KANGAL (Internship)

Asst. Prof. Fırat BURAT (Erasmus)

Prof. Gülay BULUT  (Minor and Double Major Program)