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YER2022 symposium of the Undergraduate Student Design Projects in Earth Sciences that was honored by the participation of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) rector has been enriched with interesting presentations by our students. 

Our faculty members Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Artun and Assist. Prof. Muhammet Mustafa Kahraman gave a speech entitled “Machine Learning Applications and Data Mining in Petrolium Engineering” and “Digital Mining” in this event.  

YER Symposiums are held every year in June in order to share the outcomes of various undergraduate design projects conducted by the students of the ITU Faculty of Mines under the supervision of their thesis advisors with the scientific community.

The posters of 27 capstone projects selected by our faculty's department heads and relevant commissions, and the oral presentations prepared by 5 students met with the earth sciences community at the symposium. Within the framework of YER2022, extended abstracts that were produced from the graduation theses of the ITU Faculty of Mines Departments were collected in a symposium book.

In addition to quite comprehensive field and laboratory studies, the theses containing original design and analysis methods and the large number of proceedings reflecting the essence of presented works are also important in terms of showing intensive efforts behind these student projects. These design projects, which represent the first scientific/technological research experience of senior students prior to the first step on the profession, require labor-intensive and scientific collaboration where students, research assistants and thesis advisors come together within the scope of these studies. For this reason, activities reflecting the essence of graduation studies are highly valued by our faculty and maximum effort is put to make these studies more comprehensive in the form of beneficial teamwork.

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