CASK’s first innovative product, Haywire Software Systems, is the first application in its field to digitize geotechnical and geological structure data of the underground constructions on-site and to calculate underground support designs based on actual conditions.

We believe that the Haywire Software Systems will be an essential part of and an important asset to underground mining improving productivity, occupational safety and labor health. The software is actively being used by one of CASK’s project partners, Eczacibaşı Esan, at Company’s Balya Underground Lead and Zinc Mine, as of today, the deepest underground mine with highest production rate in Turkey.

Resource Optimization and Management Program (ROMP), Geotechnical Mine Design (GEOMD), and Oil Shale Energy Production (OSEP) are the ongoing research projects also aimed satisfy various and distinctive needs in the mining industry. ROMP is a resource optimization software for open pit coal mines aimed be used for economical evaluation of the mining sites. With GEOMD, CASK is developing a new methodology that will be crucial for underground metalliferous mine in protecting the underground openings against collapse and catastrophic accidents. Finally, OSEP is aiming be the first product to allow oil production using bituminous shale as a source. OSEP project is being carried out in an international partnership between Eesti Energia (Estonia), Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI) and Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) with CASK coordinating the all stages of the project and having the intellectual property rights to the product.

CASK has demonstrated a steady growth since its establishment in 2019 by adding new products to its portfolio, increasing the number of projects at İTÜ Arı Teknokent and publishing academic studies as a result of its university-industry partnerships. CASK hopes to be an example and a source of encouragement for all students and academic staff to participate in or start new innovation/research projects.